Listing Application

Listing Benefits

A Scalaris DX listing holds many benefits beyond just being traded on the exchange. Being listed means the asset has been integrated with the Blocknet Protocol, which powers Scalaris DX, and allows other services to be built utilizing the asset. This extends the demand, utility, and accessibility of the asset to the rest of the blockchain ecosystem.

Listing Process

Getting listed on Scalaris DX is 100% free. If you would like to have a digital asset listed, please see instruction there listing instruction.


In order for a blockchain to be compatible it must support JSON RPC, CLTV atomic swaps, and the following calls:

  • createrawtransaction
  • decoderawtransaction
  • getblock
  • getblockchaininfo (fallback getnetworkinfo, getinfo)
  • getblockhash
  • getnewaddress
  • getrawmempool
  • getrawtransaction
  • gettransaction
  • gettxout
  • listunspent
  • sendrawtransaction
  • signmessage
  • signrawtransaction (or signrawtransactionwithwallet)
  • verifymessage